About The PLAY Project

Small Boy Face Close upThe PLAY Project is the name for:

  • An evidenced-based autism early program

  • A set of principles, methods, and techniques used to improve autism symptoms

  • An organization that provides professional training and development

Origins of the PLAY Project autism early intervention program

Richard Solomon, M.D., a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, developed this program in response to the lack of availability of intensive early intervention services for children with ASD. He designed the PLAY Project early intervention program as a cost effective, practical approach.

PLAY typically supplements existing services (e.g. special education, language and occupational therapies, and/or ABA/behavioral interventions) and has been implemented as a primary intervention for ASD in early intervention settings. The state of Ohio has been using PLAY Project as their primary intervention through their birth to three early intervention services program for more than four years.

PLAY Project principles, methods, and techniques

The principles, methods and techniques of the PLAY Project emphasize the child’s readiness or following the child’s lead as a means for improving social impairment, a core deficit of autism spectrum disorder. Professionals coach parents to build a joyous, engaged relationship with their child with autism spectrum disorder.

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The PLAY Project Organization

As a professional training and development company, the PLAY Project organization develops training curriculum for professionals and parents; establishes systems of care through public or private networks in Early Intervention and Community Mental Health; organizes training events; and manages the credentialing process of the PLAY Project Certification program. Find out about our staff here.

Origins of the name PLAY Project

The PLAY in PLAY Project is an acronym for Play & Language for Autistic Youngsters.  In 2013, the PLAY Project organization removed the periods from PLAY which had once been known as P.L.A.Y.  This change was made because grammar rules state when an acronym spells a word, the periods are not necessary.

By doing what your child loves, your child will love being with you.

-Richard Solomon, M.D.

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Our Vision

The PLAY Project envisions that all parents will be supported in developing a joyous relationship with their children with autism spectrum disorders in a way that will help each child reach their full potential.

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Our Mission

The PLAY Project’s mission is to train a global network of pediatric professionals to deliver an evidence-based, low-cost, intensive developmental intervention to families of young children with autism spectrum disorders.

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