Training and Certification Catalog

The PLAY Project is an evidence-based, low-cost, parent-mediated intervention for young children with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

Intensive Workshops for Parents and Professionals

We offer a 2-day workshop that is relevant for parents and professionals who want to help caregivers increase social interactions with children with autism, increase the social skills of the child with ASD, and improve the child’s social-emotional and behavioral development. Click here for more information


  • Our training options include in-person and online workshops as well as a certification track.
  • Our clients include individuals, organizations, community mental health systems, early Intervention systems, and governmental systems in the US and abroad.
  • We have a standard Intensive Workshop that is typically presented in 2 days.
  • In addition to the topic of PLAY Project intervention, we offer a catalog of other workshops related to autism and related disorders.
  • We are happy to develop custom workshops based on the needs and interests of individuals and groups.
  • We use a blended approach to training and follow best practices in adult learning so that trainees can gain practical skills that they can apply immediately in their jobs.
  • At our training events, trainees learn by watching and discussing case study videos; practicing PLAY Project methods, principles, and techniques; and learning how to create a unique profile for children with autism based on their individual characteristics, sensory profile, and functional developmental level.  Trainees develop their ability to help children with autism by supporting the child’s skill development and reducing the child’s unwanted behavior.
  • The state of Ohio has been using PLAY Project as their primary intervention through their birth to three early intervention services program for 4+ years.

Click here for a letter of recommendation from Director Martin, Head of Early Intervention for Ohio and well experienced with PLAY Project

Certification Track – Details about Certification  

Organizations and professionals find that certification in the PLAY Project gives them the opportunity to offer a comprehensive, evidenced-based early intervention option for children with autism and their families.   Our certification training program includes in-person training and an ongoing distance supervision.

Certified PLAY Project consultants are master’s-level professionals who deliver services with children and by coaching and modelling PLAY Project principles, methods, and techniques for primary caregivers.

Certified PLAY Project Consultants have mastered the following:

  • The PLAY Project Model (Researched published 2007 & accepted for publication in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics!)
  • The 7 Circles of the PLAY Project
  • Process of video analysis and video review report writing
  • The evidenced-based principles, methods, and techniques of the PLAY Project Intervention
  • Use of the following assessments: FEAS, CARS, Greenspan Social & Emotional Growth Chart and REEL
  • Process of coaching families and providing oral and written feedback that meets standards for intensive early intervention

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