What is Teaching PLAY?

Teaching PLAY is a classroom-based application of the PLAY Project autism intervention. It is a central tenet of Teaching PLAY that “engagement leads to educational readiness.” Helping children with ASD improve their ability to engage, interact, and form relationships enhances their academic performance. Throughout all classroom routines, school staff will learn how to incorporate the PLAY Project’s play-based, developmental approach. By applying PLAY Project principles, methods, and techniques, school staff can increase student involvement in classroom activities; create IEP goals that address students’ functional development and interaction; help improve peer relationships; and ultimately improve the academic functioning of the student with ASD.

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Teaching PLAY Workshops: Appropriate for all levels of learners, our workshops provide parents and professionals with practical information for helping children with ASD increase engagement, communication, and academic readiness in the preschool or kindergarten setting. Workshops are available in person or online. Read more about our workshop options.

Teaching PLAY Professional Certification: Our Certification trainings provide direct guidance and supervision for school personnel who want to implement Teaching PLAY in their classrooms. Certified Teaching PLAY Professionals receive in-depth training to help children with ASD increase engagement, communication, and academic readiness in the preschool or kindergarten setting. At the highest level of training, the professional is prepared to coach and educate other professionals and parents in the 7 Circles of PLAY. Read more about our certification options.

Teaching PLAY For Schools: The PLAY Project Organization designs customized training programs for schools or larger systems that want a comprehensive approach to training staff in Teaching PLAY. PLAY Training Facilitators tailor levels of training to the institution’s needs, from basic training of volunteer, custodial, and transportation staff to Certification Training of key teachers and/or therapists. Read more about our custom training.


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