Get my child started with The PLAY Project

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If you’d like to participate in the PLAY Project Early Autism Intervention program with your child:

1. Locate a PLAY Project in your area. See below for recommendations if there is not presently a PLAY Project near you.

2. Contact the PLAY Project location to find out about their PLAY Project program options.  The PLAY Project Consultation Program works both in the home and clinic settings.

3. Schedule your first PLAY Project session with a Certified PLAY Project Consultant.

4. Enjoy your first PLAY Project experience.  

Your PLAY Project Consultant is your partner in your child’s progress.

5.  Expect this at the first visit:

  • Formal and informal assessments to establish your child’s baseline for autism behaviors and levels of cognitive, language, adaptive, social, and sensory functioning
  • A listening ear from your PLAY Project Consultant.  Tell us all about your child, your family, and your needs.
  • A discussion of the PLAY Project intervention; length of time differs whether you have watched the Welcome to PLAY Project course (recommended)
  • A discussion about the PLAY Project consultant’s role as your coach

Next, your PLAY Project Consultant will observe and video record you and your child in natural play for 15-20 minutes.

Beginning at this session or the next, your Consultant will begin coaching and modelling techniques for increasing interaction between you and your child.

No special toys are needed. 

6. After the session:

7. Connect your child and family with general autism services from the PLAY Project website here: Autism Resources. Connect with other families by joining The PLAY Project for Parents Yahoo Group.

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Don’t see a PLAY Project location in your area?

We suggest:

1.   Contact the site closest to you to see if you can arrange for a modified contract. Modified contracts are arranged directly with the PLAY Project location or Home Consultant, not through The PLAY Project main headquarters. Modified contracts might involve the following:

  • Your family travels long-distance to the nearest therapy site on a regular basis (i.e. monthly or every other month) as part of a 10 visit contract.
  • A Home Consultant travels to you (depending on the distance) to do an initial home visit and the consecutive visits take place at the Home Consultant’s clinic/office.

2.   Contact your local therapy clinic, hospital, or Early Intervention system to request that they send a child development professional to a PLAY Project Training. The cost of training a professional is about the same as the cost required for a family to participate in The PLAY Project for 1 year. For information about our trainings and workshops, please see our Events page.

3.   You also have the option of contacting the Ann Arbor Center for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics to schedule a consultation directly with Dr. Solomon. This consultation would not include a formal PLAY Project contract; however it would provide you with a formal assessment of your child, as well as initial guidance and instruction related to The PLAY Project methods and techniques.