Website-ORC-ImagePLAY Project Certification Training prepares professionals in community organizations to deliver evidence-based, intensive early intervention to families of young children with autism. Our manualized, practical approach has helped hundreds of professionals to provide needed services to their communities.

PLAY Project Autism Intervention has proven to be a sustainable program in a variety of settings, including large systems of care (such as state-wide early intervention systems), hospital systems and rehabilitation centers, non-profits, and private practice.

Our training is uniquely designed to quickly and effectively prepare professionals to deliver high quality autism intervention services. Individual professionals can get started with the Certification Training process by completing our online application. You can read more about the application process here.



The 2-Day Intensive Workshop provides foundational knowledge about the PLAY Project, including an overview of the model, a review of the scientific evidence, and in-depth discussions of our core principles and methods. The workshop consists of case studies, video analysis of parent and child interaction, and group activities that develop skills in play-based, developmental techniques for engaging children with autism and other developmental delays. To read more about the learning objectives and activities of this workshop, click here.


During our 6-week online certification course, participants learn how to master the 7 Circles of the PLAY Project in order to develop the skills needed to 1) effectively coach parents and caretakers to playfully engage with their child with autism or other developmental delays; 2) confidently implement PLAY methods and techniques in a home or clinic setting; and 3) document the child’s developmental progress. In addition, participants will gain knowledge in the following areas: sensory processing issues in young children; how to assess a child’s developmental profile; how to create a PLAY Plan that is tailored to address a child’s social and emotional development; and advanced topics such as managing family issues and becoming a parent advocate. After completing the online course, the professional is officially a “Certified PLAY Project Consultant in training.”


The PLAY Project Supervision program begins immediately after the online certification course. Members of our multidisciplinary team provide individualized feedback and guidance to trainees during their first year of practice, ensuring fidelity to the evidence-based model. Once the mentorship and supervision period is complete, the professional is a fully Certified PLAY Project Consultant.

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