For Administrators

Benefits of training or certification for your staff

The PLAY Project adds value to any organization that serves families with young children with autism. PLAY Project is an evidence-based intervention that can stand alone or be integrated into any therapy regimen (e.g. occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, ABA, psychological services, etc.). We offer a certification track and various professional development workshops

Some of the benefits of establishing PLAY Project services at your organization:

  • Get children off a waiting list for autism services and into evidenced-based intervention:  Newly trained Certified PLAY Project Consultants can begin offering PLAY Project services immediately
  • Help more children and families: One certified PLAY Project Consultant  can serve up to 25 families on their caseload or PLAY Project services can be offered on a part time basis, allowing professionals to continue offering their primary services (i.e. speech therapy or occupational therapy)
  • High-quality autism services: PLAY Project training is focused on preparing professionals. Armed with new techniques and approaches, trainees build stronger connections with children with autism and help create joyful interactions between the child and their parents.
  • A blueprint for getting started:  Training includes an implementation blueprint for how to integrate PLAY Project autism intervention into your other services.
  • No or minimal equipment and start-up expenses: PLAY Project services typically take place in the child’s home and PLAY project activities do not require special toys.
  • Improved quality of life for the child with autism and family: PLAY Project research outcomes show significant improvement in child’s social skills (increased shared attention and initiation), compliance, social emotional development, and autism symptomatology. Additional outcomes: improvements in parent-child interaction and decreased parent stress and depression.
  • Connection to a growing network:  Our licensed providers enjoy the use of customizable marketing materials and content to help them promote their PLAY Project program. Organizations are also listed in the PLAY Project Directory.
  • Ongoing training:  Online training in various PLAY Project and program development topics are offered quarterly to our certified consultants and all staff at licensed providers.
  • Satisfaction:  Parents (and professionals) love this joyful intervention!

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Cost of the Certification Training Program

The Certification Program has a one-time fee that includes:

  • PLAY Project Intensive Workshop
  • Award winning- 6 week online course
  • Extensive training manual with ongoing updated electronic documents
  • 12-18 months of long-distance supervision as Consultants hone their skills.
  • Lifetime of ongoing professional development in the form of Webinars (online seminars) at least 4 times/year.
  • A recognized, professional credential
  • A 1-year organizational license:  Licensed use of The PLAY Project name, logo, and program materials

Get the complete details of the certification training process by clicking here.

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Contact us about pricing, discounts, as well as packages for sending multiple trainees or having us come to you for training.

Be sure to ask about promotional codes.

Payments are accepted via purchase order, check, or credit card and are processed through our Ann Arbor office. Our office will invoice each organization or individual when registration is processed.

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Administrators can observe and attend the Certification Training

We welcome administrators to join us for the Intensive Workshop.  Call 734-585-5333 x201 to register and for more information.

Administrators who audit a training will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss strategies for integrating PLAY Project services into their individual organizations
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the kinds of support newly trained PLAY Project consultants will need in order to develop a PLAY Project Program, as well as why these supports are critical to the program’s success
  • The opportunity for a one-on-one meeting with our team of program development experts.  Please make this request so we can accommodate you.
  • Gain insights into: a) promotion of PLAY Project services to referring practitioners and families, b) billing and reimbursement, and c) the overall process of certification and licensing

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Recommended PLAY Project Implementation

There are three main formats for delivery of PLAY Project services: home visit, clinic visit, or a hybrid.  However, program development at your organization is only limited by your vision!

The most common format is the home visit, what we consider our gold-standard and preferred design. For our home visit design, families receive one 3-hour home visit every 4-6 weeks for a total of 10-12 visits per year. For the office or clinic visit design, families typically meet their certified PLAY Project  consultant 2 to 4 times per month for 60-90 minute sessions. The frequency and duration of visits may vary from professional to professional and organization to organization. The key elements of PLAY Project visits are: video recording plus parent / caregiver coaching, modeling, & written feedback. These should be included in any design.

The PLAY Project has also been adapted for implementation in the school classroom setting. This design has any options, with and without parent training.

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The role of an administrator following Certification Training

New PLAY Project Consultants need administrative support in order to successfully implement the PLAY Project early intervention program.

Here are some examples (based on administrator and home consultant reports):

  • Help to identify and recruit new or existing clients to participate in PLAY Project services
  • Adjust caseloads and evaluation of productivity demands to account for time needed to travel (with home visits), complete documentation, and upload video and materials for the supervision requirement of attaining PLAY Project certification.
  • Time and space for group video review sessions (if 2 or more therapists are providing PLAY Project services at your organization and want to learn form each other)
  • Time for the ongoing professional development offered by PLAY Project headquarters (4 times per year and included in the one-time certification fee)

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Payment for PLAY Project services

PLAY Project is a billable service through Medicaid and private insurance companies. With hard work and dedication, our network of PLAY Project organizations have successfully worked with payers so families can receive the benefits of the PLAY Project.

How families pay for the PLAY Project is the decision of each business/organization.  Some groups don’t want the hassle of credentialing and billing; therefore, families pay out of pocket.  Other organizations work with multiple reimbursement models including Medicaid.  Systems, such as state community mental health or early intervention, have selected PLAY Project for their intervention model and services are free for eligible families.

Our network of PLAY Project Consultants have had a variety of experiences in how this works depending on their individual credentials, their state laws, and their relationship with insurance companies.  Reimbursement rates vary – that’s the case with all services.  PLAY Project takes a developmental approach in how professionals view the child; however, the services are a form of behavioral treatment and can be billed as such. With some private insurance companies,  PLAY Project services are reimbursable whenever provided by a licensed professional (i.e. SLP, OT, etc.).


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The PLAY Project® name has received formal trademark registration from the US Patent & Trademark Office and permission to use the name can only be granted under licensure. Professionals and organizations who implement The PLAY Project autism intervention model will have permission to use our name, logo and program materials under our licensing agreement. We send out national press releases and marketing campaigns that benefit our licensed organizations.  As The PLAY Project grows, we are gaining name recognition in more and more communities.  Professionals, administrators, state officials, autism experts, and families recognize that our program provides a quality developmental and behavioral approach to autism intervention. The first year license payment is included as part of the certification training fee. After the first year,  a yearly licensing fee is determined based on the size and needs of the provider’s practice.